SHEHINE death black metal psycho brutal shredding band !!!

Waves of brutal musical information, storming through the mystery of starry spaces of Akasha Universe have found the reflection in the brain centers of two guitarists who have met as the fates decree in summer 1991, on July, 25th. That historical moment has started the hyper-speed SHEHINE death-metal band activities. Conceptual ideas of this project have been boiled by bass-guitarist GILSON and guitarist VITUS. They've understood each other right away and the work of expressing the appeared ideas had begun. All went the turn; the musical material was composed and played, accordingly, the search of the second guitarist and the drummer has been started. Without any rules and laws the band was called SHEHINE as for musicians it meant the accompaniation in their business - extreme brutal Music.
Mystical Presence SHEHINE means hidden outpouring supernatural coming to the world, the cover of Mystical Forces - forms of appearance in the world of metaphysical and omnipresent in the activity - The Music.
At last, after a number of multi-hours' listenings of candidates the stuff was formed - the second guitarist Fedor Rubtsov and the drummer Alexey Bunin had been found.
On February, 3rd, 1992 the contract between the band and the musical "Park" Corporation - that tried to manage SHEHINE - had been signed. And the band had entered the rehearsal base of the corporation near moscow "New Cheremushki" metro station into the basement of Menatep bank. The productive rehearsal activity occurred at the level of the maximum self-return. That was the true time for heavy intensive daily and night rehearsals with 4 formed compositions playings. The musically born creature was unpredictable! Each of the band's members was waiting for a real possibility to play live the Music and to feel the reaction of listeners. On the main maximum of musical job, when all parts of guitars and drums were created, Vitaly Baulin (VITO or just VITUS) has left SHEHINE by mere chance (because of an absurd disagreement). Very-very interesting arrangements and guitar ideas have left the band together with him. The First Shehine concert was played by 3 band members at the legendary now NIIDAR. Fedor Rubtsov - "Red Teddy" - was the singing guitarist of the group. "Park" Corporation had no any concernment to that gig, because SHEHINE band together with Scaffold band members and KERBER Studios were the organizers of the show. It was the calm warm evening of the beginning of May 1992 on Preobrazhenskaya square (inside the concert hall of the Concert Palace, on the 4th floor of NIIDAR far radio-link institute near Preobrazhenskaya square metro station) when the planned mortal underground music hurricane breaking all roofs from the nearest buildings had arised. This crowd had met such moscow bands as: Scaffold, Dirge, Shehine. The live show by Shehine had claimed that such music can be perceived and with huge interest!
The musicians continued their searches of a vocalist with a low brutal voice. Thus, in May 1992 vocalist RazeR has been invited into the band that gifted SHEHINE the possibility to create songs' lyrics hard and hunt for a possibility to make a recording.
The row of local gigs had followed. The director of PARK Corporation was the punk-activist Svetlana Elchaninova and SHEHINE had to take part in absolutely crazy concerts of unprofessional level playing after punk, rock'n'roll groups and single guitar-players. One of such gigs was filmed by Tomsk TV for "Rock-Archive" show; it was a 15 minutes video with Shehine live-show. This tape was extremely taken to Tomsk city. Svetlana Elchaninova had tried to help Shehine, but she was involved in working with 10ths of punk groups, so SHEHINE had always meetings with wrong people and played in far-from metal shows. One of the meetings was in august 1992 with an australian producer Ricardo - known to someone by producing of INXS band and Bob Galdof. He had listened to SHEHINE live-playing and jumped from his seat and exclaimed: "Yes! All right! You're the future stars!" The producer makes the inviting offer for the band to cooperate in common business-activity and "draws" by words shining pictures of the world tours..... "That's that! The one that the band was waiting for!" - Gilson had thought streamly inside his mind. But the future showed the broken illusions.
Meanwhile, Ricardo - creeping by his selfish commercial interests - was hunting for unordinary musicians creating their own unordinary music. He planned to buy for cash their musical compositions and just ideas. That opened the way to own the collected musical ideas and decide which from his signed musicians shall use them apart or fully in their songs.
Talking with Svetlana Ricardo asked her to discuss with Gilson a possibility to buy the music.
After scanning the situation Gilson had sent through the agent: Let's better promote SHEHINE band investing australian dollars and this musical project for sure shall bring dividends. Any other cooperation variants are excluded!
Then Ricardo again through the agent - Svetlana Elchaninova - asks Fedor Roubtsov - Shehine band guitarist - to compose and record test guitar themes, promising to buy them for good money.
And "Red Teddy" had becomen the custom. He'd missed 2 or 3 rehearsals. The music for Ricardo was composed. It was a 30-minutes audio tape with Fedor guitar tendencies' ideas.
So, after Ricardo through the agent had listened to Teddy's music he strained off 25 dollars for "Red Teddy" diligence and left for Australia.
      SHEHINE demo 1992, created in nonprofessional conditions (on one of the next rehearsal bases), has shown the unacceptability of thrash-techno-sound and the necessity of its further heavying and brutalization. But, nevertheless, this demo-tape gathers the review in musical spheres. Bass guitarist GILSON and vocalist RAZER understood it, accurately representing the advance process. But two other members of the group have hopelessly lost all creative tendencies and did not trust in the future of SHEHINE any more. Therefore they have been compelled to leave the band. The replacement has been made within three days. They were: the new guitarist Nikky and the drummer ALEXXY "Tattoo". SHEHINE has changed the rehearsal base once again. The new bands location was on Sheremetjevskaya street, inside the cellar of the pre-war-built house with the address Staromarjinsky highway, building 15, together with 2 local Moscow groups lived there before.
The bands sound has been abruptly updated and became more brutal; the musicians perfected the new material.
      From the beginning of 1993 the fresh energy has given the chance for SHEHINE to accept the active part in Moscow death concerts like The Art of Self Defence. The gang played with groups of death grind doom noise - industrial styles. The number of brutal gigs had been organized by own forces of SHEHINE, that has been reflected from the positive side by Russian metal press. Thus, Lydia Vasilievna Kulikova well-known as Metal Mother inside metal crowds and also been the manager of Zhelezny Potok group has suggested the joint activity directed on the expansion of the influence of extreme metal music amongst the Youth the global development of the "Music of the Future. This offer about the serious work was accepted. SHEHINEs moved at once together with Zhelezny Potok group onto the next rehearsal base Number 5 in the district of Moscow metro VDNH in the cellar of the female hostel. Later on the base Number 7 on the street of Ljotchik Babushkin on the territory of the factory of electro - lamp equipment under the name of Dzerzhinsky, in the room near the conference hall.
      Also the Band organized and took part in the gigs in other cities. So, on September, 18th, 1993 SHEHINE has victoriously played the gig "Live...... in Dmitroff" where the live track The Way to Death was recorded.
      On November, 6th, 1993 everyone has been thoroughly destroyed by the gang performance at the gig in Volokolamsk city.
      On March, 25th, 1994 - at the concert in Dubna city where the materials for the video film titled GIG......into Dubna ha been shot.
      In the end of January, 1994 the miracle has happened! Guitarist Vitus has joint SHEHINE second time, wished again to work in earlier strangled and chosen musical direction. New more distant dimensions of psychodelic extreme brutal death music the fifth and the sixth had cleared the way for the band with his return. But in 3 months Vitus forever drops out of sight of other members of SHEHINE.
      The gang accepted the active participation in Moscow Trash - Your Mother! festivals.
The anniversary magazine Iron March Number 10 of Hard Rock Corporation comes out on May, 11th, 1994 with the article about SHEHINEs activity. Automatically the band supports a friendly contact with Hard Rock Corporation.
      The group constantly accumulates its experience and increases the number of fans. Bands promotion is conducted, the group regularly spends photo - sessions, video-shootings appear. SHEHINE Fan club was opened under the presidency of HELL.
      SHEHINE Lyrics includes philosophically - diabolical themes with discovering of energetically weaved mental landscapes of the Universe. Various realities are present in texts. Everyone listening to the leerics perceives it in own way: You can easily behold immersing in the most gloomy measurements of the reality, the research of hell's depths, define the centre of a flesh rotation - FleshFulcra.
      And another staff - change: guitarist Nikky has left the band in summer 1994. His place was temporarily occupied by backed red Teddy. This change inside the group occurs 2 weeks prior to the planned bands show on the II Trash Your mother! Festival in Moscow Calipso Culture Palace on Krasnobogatyrskaya street. Nevertheless Shehine has powers to add to the restored musical material the absolutely new unordinary composition FleshFulcra that has sounded on July, 13th, 1994 first time live on public. SHEHINEs vocalist Razer has given rise to the song text and has devoted it to all true top-level women secretly and patently helping musicians to move by their death - road towards the glory and success. During the same time the group cooperation and the successful realization of design ideas with BIG Black TED LSD independent light sound support organization, whose director was Maxim Babayev, proceeds.
      Teddy the guitarist has sustained in SHEHINE just 2 months (by the second try), has lamented and been expelled on open spaces of the everyday ordinary.
      Sergey Kraus became the following recruit - guitarist of the group.
The band structure looked as follows:
GILSON - bass guitar, KRAUS - guitars, RAZER - voices, ALEXX "Tattoo" - drums.
      In 1994 the compilation CD Trash - Your Mother! Part 1 has been released by russian famous musical studio Soyuz. "Thrash your mother" compilations and festivals were born by Sergey Troitsky "Spider" who did it with Soyuz Records Studio. You can listen to The Way of virtue - later renamed to "The way to death" - brutal composition by SHEHINE metal band on this CD-compilation - the last in line on the 17th position (CD was powered by the cover with the photo of SHEHINE staff with 1st band guitarist Vitus). The audio-cassette version of "Thrash your Mama! Volume I" compilation has the cover without SHEHINE on it by unknown reasons.
      In May 1995 the band second demo - tape titled FleshFulcra with 6 songs was released.
      Further, SHEHINE embodies more heavy sound brutalization. The band tries to find a real producer for the unordinary music and thirsts to make the maximum-qualitative recording.
      Since September, 1995 SHEHINE has dense relations with RITUAL VideoArtWorx video company that has created 2 video - clips of the band FleshFulcra and The Way To Death. You can see both in the film about SHEHINE entitled Malicious Way, released the same year.
      The next SHEHINE Tour has begun in the beginning of 1996 with the January, 20th, 1996 performance on the brutal black-metal show Troops of doom. On February, 9th, 1996 - on the show IGOR's Private Party. Further, on RITUAL VideoArtWorx Company presentation on March, 31st, 1996.
After the grandiose performance in the show - presentation, filmed on video, in Moscow The 40th anniversary of the Great October Culture Hall (near Moscow metro station Ryazansky prospect) the drummer ALEXX by a silly impulse leaves the group. In a month of persistent listening of drummers, under the recommendation of the musical society, Andrey Lykov - ex-drummer of Fantasm group, who became the missing participant of a quartet, has been invited. But later, in 1997 guitarist Kraus and vocalist Razer had left the band. The black cat of disagreements leads to the destruction of the 3rd playing live gigs - staff of SHEHINE.
      And Gilson remains alone together with the drummer Andy (Andrey Lykov) and nevertheless decides to continue ruling the favourite project.
      It is necessary to tell that before the third staff has collapsed in the middle of 1995 the former guitarist of Bonoventura-2 group (do not tangle with Bonoventura-1 where the drummer ALEXX Tattoo played) Alexey Zinovjev (the native brother of the former ex-vocalist of Skaffold group Sergey Zinovjev) has phoned to Gilson and offered himself as the second guitarist for SHEHINE, watching the rapid victorious success of the gang. He has told that has driven at last into unordinary music after 5 years of the group existence and wishes to help its prompt advance.
Not spreading this information onto other group members, Gilson has begun the work with the 2nd guitarist (by 1 rehearsal a week) over the parties of the second guitar. That continued half a year (the end of 1996 and some months of 1997). Zinovjev has started kinda healthy, has ended badly. Quietly have disassembled 4 compositions, but this guitarist has never played them from the beginning up to the end without errors.
      But the crisis has burst SHEHINE stuff Number 3 has failed in 1997. The destiny has led readout counter-clockwise. Gilson remains with Andy, and to realize the plan of finishing to the mind and making Zinovjev (with the pseudonym Disaster) the leading guitarist it was required to learn the parts of the 1st guitar from the beginning. When this information has been sounded into the ears of the competitor on the vacant place of the leading-guitarist of SHEHINE band, the given subject - Alexey Zinovjev - roughly speaking - pressed all his shit out; he has simply changed in one moment: became nervous, more aggressive, his aggression was replaced by tediousness and disbelief in musical affairs. He lamented, lamented, and even problems with the health (the pressure) have begun. He constantly started to ask Gilson different foolish questions concerning the group activity; he was unable to understand the actions of the band captain. He tried to extort the concrete five-years plan of the band development to the glory from the bass player. Butt, one thing to enter a playing-gigs band, on all ready yet, and another to begin everything from zero. That's a bit too thick for Gilson to give a report by days and hours about all his actions to everyone coming-passing. And Zinovjev himself did nothing at that time. Not only that didnt begin to learn the parts of the first guitar so has almost forgotten all learnt parties of his guitar.
      It was 1997th draft year for SHEHINE. The band has changed the rehearsal place the next - 8th - time, and has moved in spring from the Base on Ljotchik Babushkin street to the Base in Tushino (near Freedom street) on Podmoskovnaya street in the building number 15.
      In a superficial cellar in the house with flats, together with a local domestic group, SHEHINE has set the part of already beginning gradually appear own still "sovok" musical equipment kinda the acoustics systems with λ label on it, the amplifiers Harmonia and the most firm on those times live black color drums TACTON.
      The band could use this rehearsal place just half-a-year, but this minimal stable pause has given the chance, 2 Gilsons Fortune, to find the second guitarist Daim who, by the way, was familiar with Alexey Zinovjev by the early creative works (and even played with him in one group). But Daim has entered SHEHINE independently (without a protectionism) and was strongly fixed in staff in 1997. That has allowed to make him the guitar playing technique and the quiet steady character. The same year Gilson has filed Alexey Zinovjev for insolvency, disbelief in common business and, naturally, for the nasty character.
      Let's recollect the vocalist. After Razer, next one was Sergey Nikiforov (Kiph) ex-vocalist of Mind Shelter group (the "owners" of the previous rehearsal base number 7 on the street of Ljotchik Babushkin where SHEHINE rehearsed). Quickly and also positively he has responded to Gilsons offer to take the free place of the groups vocalist and organically (without visible problems) was registered inside the collective.
      In September 1997 SHEHINE band consisted of 4 persons:
GILSON bass player, DAIM guitar player, KIPH throat, ANDY drummer.
      The program reanimation work was in progress. Naturally, by this time there were structural changes in the musical aspect of playing. The new ideas appeared, so as the new arrangements. And the music became more convincing-brutal-heaped-up and has reproduced qualitative, other, than with former staffs, sound perception of other dimensions.
With the first November snow of the same year 1997 the band changes the rehearsal base on the territory of Moscow-city in 9th time and transports the musical equipment. This time the reason of the Base lost was the collective complaint of the apartments owners, located over the rehearsal base, whose brains were definitively damaged by the brutallest sounds of the Universe, thundered right from the bowels of the cellar of their own house.
      The new rehearsal address, at the same time and "residence permit", becomes the more bigger apartment (in comparison with the rehearsal base number 8) the underground cellar in the old moscow Stalin house number 6 on General Yermolov street, opposite to the Triumphal Arch, near the Victory Park, at Borodino Battle panorama-museum, Kutuzov izba and the museum of Makarenko.
      The owner of this Base, who actually in the important moment, has helped SHEHINE to get the place, also played there with his own group. It was Sergey J.. By the way, later the situation has exchanged exactly inside out: now Sergey J. comes with his group to rehearse on Gilsons Base.
      Then SHEHINE band deeps into the creative process with more responsibility and desire to work. The universal search of the guitarist continues. Regular rehearsals passed. Unexpectedly, but with pleasure, the sound-engineer operator Volodja FESH, recommended by drummer ANDY, was accepted into the structure.
      In the beginning of 1998 in sight of group members Eugene Ladyzhinsky - the trimmed dyed flaxen-haired fellow-student whod entered and studied 1 year at Moscow pedagogical institute - has been caught. Like the most part of young students who grow a great interest to music in the beginning, he has seized the opportunity and has felt an interest to the activity of SHEHINE, has called on the advertisement (about the searching of the guitarist) placed in the Internet by the band members. Having met with Gilson (on the listening) Eugene has given out the high-speed set of notes by the full program on his guitar neck, flown like bullets by the rosewood frets.
- Highly skilled - Motherfuck. Weight - 60 kilogrammes, height - 180 centimeters, foot size 42 centimeters, - Gilson has thought.
- Hurrah! Eugene has thought will give a chance.
      Sure, the guitarist was with the good technique of guitar playing, but, according to Gilson, nevertheless mistakes were present (May Lian guitar technique was prevailed - Ladyzhinsky studied to imitate him - but only two thirds of it are acceptable for use in extreme brutal musical parts) that has been met with closed eyes at the first meeting (because technical fingers of the left hand did not arrive for a long time into the Amtors Seine of SHEHINE band). And his right hand in guitar scratching way was nevertheless weak, and because of that one third from the technique of the given guitarist was erased -that was the suffering for the right-hand rhythm-guitar playing. All that was accepted and considering that Eugene has started to study musical parts of the first guitar assiduously and intensively, having committed to develop and improve the right-hand rhythm-guitar playing technique, so Gilson did not doubt the correctness of the made choice.
      The 1st musical program restoration moved ahead by seven-mile steps. Photo-sessions were in progress, one of them with the great procession has passed in the summer 1998, in August, on Kutuzovsky prospect near the Triumphal Arch. Women driving by in cars have desperately signalled to the musicians, and even attempted to drive away the most liked musicians.
      All guitar parts have been restored by July, 1999. Two guitarists bass-guitarist Gilson and guitarist Daim worked basically on one guitarist - Laid (the nick of Eugene Ladyzhinsky between SHEHINE group members), helping him in the definition of his concept of guitar sounding in the band (helped and explained: in what notes this or that guitar should sound in parts, hitting in certain basic parts). The work over the score of the compositions also was followed.
      The own musical equipment slowly grew that has positively affected the quality of sounding of SHEHINE on rehearsals.
      Gilson works on the Future, writes down all the guitar parts into notes. And Kiph prints all 8 compositions on the paper and archives the creation on various computer devices. Also there were archived the photo and video materials of the band. Periodical video-filmings took place one video-session was shot right on the Base (filmed the musical equipment and the rehearsal process). Since that time the musicians could not only hear and personally see their fingers work on gryphons and their right hands on strings, but also view the printed notes on white sheets.
      All moved more or less successfully, and Gilsons planned to make the recording of the full-length CD in the musical studio chosen by him exactly by this staff.
      But - another super-Fuck! During the most important moment when it was necessary to work closely with the drummer in the beginning of summer 1999 Andy (Andrey Likov) the drummers got the problems with his legal work (the maker-up of design programs), and also the ocean of troubles in his private life (misunderstanding and quarrels with own wife with who they brought up their son) have fallen down.
This member of the group has begun to miss rehearsals during the most responsible moment. It is necessary to tell that in the life-period of the regenerative work over the 1st guitar parts he has also not very regularly visited rehearsals, persistently repeating: Youll restore the program, - i remember all my drum parts, - i will come and play all as you wish after youll understand everything with the guitar parts. And in July, not speaking to anybody, he leaves with the wife (for maintenance of family bonds) on the whole one and a half month to Italy on a resort.
The youngest member of the group the pedagogue Ladyzhinsky has set himself into a horror-state and started constantly to ask Gilson about the drummer:
- Sergey, wheres Andy? I thought that we all together will study my guitar riffs (certainly, together with the drummer).
But far from it. Andy did not wish to stick around on the Base helping the guitarist to come unscrewed. Andy did not understand (according to Gilson) that to develop the person - the guitarist - who has just come to the structure is necessary all together and as soon as possible. Thats the core of the success and progress.
      Laid was left in his own misunderstandings. He thought that the drummer is not present in the musical group staff any more.
More skilled Gilson, Daim and Kiph explained him as they could that its the temporary situation, that it is necessary for Eugene to learn all his guitar parts, and the drummer will come and will drum all songs clear, because he has learnt and remembers his drum parts.
      But these explanations were unpersuasive for the student-teacher. After his return from the spa nothing has changed in rehearsals visits by Andy, and the situation continued to worsen. Ladyzhinsky also has begun to loose rehearsals considering that it is possible to do as he wishes. Besides the autumn-winter students examination period has begun, and then the main examination time. And everybody knows that when an examination period comes time stops for students-guitarists, they look like set to be dead on the Earth, no one can find them! They are like been fucked away! They are anxious as if women in menstruation days.
      So, three musicians - Gilson, Daim and Kiph - spent time on almost own good rehearsal base (under General Yermolov street). And sure worked & did everything they could for the Bands musical life not to be stopped, to keep alive the constant working Brutal-heart of the group. And thought at the same time about new members to replace the "occupied" irresponsible for his words and acts drummer and the ped-student. In addition, soon Andy has become the part of the Union of Kings of Russian roads Bikers - respected by SHEHINE band. Also has begun to avoid rehearsals even more. On Gilsons question concerning the absence on several rehearsals Andy has given out: But this time we were driving by motorcycles into Brest-city, sleeping in tents with girlfriends and bikes on the road to the city, in the nearest woods, sticking around, drinking beer, etc.
- Ya, the gut fucking situation! Gilson was taken aback.
      And the poor Yorik, also known as Juicik (the present pop-nick of Laid - the former guitarist of SHEHINE), has swelled up, has taken offence at the constant pressing (for loosing rehearsals) him from Gilson's side. Having forgotten in panic on the Base his personal musical guitar equipment(the amplifier and 4 red columns), been sold later
subsequently by group as the penalty for useless Juicik participation in the project, he
has dissolved in annals of the soviet-punk.
In 1999 the members of SHEHINE solve, not interrupting relations with almost completely not the drummer not visiting rehearsals, to search the new drummer.
There comes 2000 year - the transitianal point to the new millenium, and communists still continue to march with red rags on the 1st of May - how long is it possible? In this country almost has changed nothing. Around - dittoheads, gangsters and stupid motherfuckers who wish nothing, but money, food, vodka and chicks, fights and murders. The government's acceptable for such situation.
This new year the band meets with the same stuff, in unlimited searchings of the second guitarist, people come and leave (the listened guitarists). Still there is no stable 2nd guitarist!
As it's told above, with the student Eugene (Eugene Ladyzhinsky, Laid or simply Juicik) all relationships were finished. The guitarist was good, but the Student! That describes everything.
Andy - the drummer was still registered in the band, but nothing's changed to the best in his visitings of rehearsals. On the other hand he has bought a motorcycle. ;)
The technical and material aspects of the group had even been more improved. One part of the musical equipment was sold, money were plused and the better quality equipment was bought.
Gilson has materialized his oldest musical dream the purchase of Jackson bassguitar from Japan. The American EMG sound pickups were set on her.
Also Gilson invests dollars (and buys from dealers Avallon company) into the amplifier and the acoustic system by HARTKE Company from USA.
In the same time the bass-player and the guitar-player of SHEHINE combine the tracks of printed in the notes two guitar parts in one so, that 1 guitarist could play the universal music, and the sense of the main - well developed through years - guitar themes was not lost.
At the same time Gilson starts the ideas' development of the next - more extreme musical program.
And the band nevertheless is preparing to play (just in case) with one guitarist while there is no the 2nd one. Printed paper advertisement continues to appear on the wall message boards of moscow rock shops, as well as the Internet advertisements' posts. But still no stability, because of Andy the drummer. People call such persons: "Seven Fridays during a week". Beer parties become more important for him. The musical activity apathy has got the control over him. And the band's stability and purposefulness in action are the main important points for the record realization.
But the hope dies last; possibilities bring people capable to work productively (Gilson knows it). It's the only pity that the searches kill a lot of time.
Soon Alexey "Dutch" - the guitarist, who lived from 12 years in Holland (where he was placed by parents) till 20 years when he has arrived back to "sovok", starts to rehearse with the band. He has studied the quarter of the first composition Symbol of Faith and the Fuck! The person was gone: no way to find him by any phone. Does some action, sticks up somewhere near, takes an active part (as it has appeared subsequently) in a "left" group Parazitz. Transfers in advance the planned rehearsals, finds himself in police hands. Speaks that he played in a heavy Dutch group and, ostensibly, once they played at one festival with Gorefest band. But he turned out to be the mediocre guitarist and showed the true "sovok" point of view at the musical activity.
Another one visitant guitarist Sasha has surprised Gilson by disappearing in a moment after having studied one composition and promising to make the double pedals and the stands' "heels" for the drummer. When was reached by phone has referred to some abstract problems that made him busy from work on rehearsals and the same situation has continued about 3 months. It was the hard process of taking back the double pedals and not made stands' "heels". So, such guitarists meet pretty often. Our goal is - to know their ugly nature as soon as possible and direct onto the prick. They are the real obstacles for the brutal music development and progress. [The quotation from Sergey Gilson].
      Gilson even more often and thoroughly thumbed through his chubby address books with huge number of musical contacts - live music substance - collected through the long period of musical activity, but really - more than the half is with unimportant quality.
      At the same time Gilson gets acquainted with Leonid Gavrilovitch - the teacher of drum-percussion instruments in Moscow Regional Musical College who invites SHEHINEs bass player into Dolgoprudnyj city located near Moscow on final examinations of drummers of 4th year of education, finishing school with "red" diploma. Gilson excites the great interest to look on real drummers and, sure, he comes on the listening. But the scene disappoints him: No one progressive from 15 graduates.
One good drummers phone number summoned Gilsons eyes twice Roman Kulikov whom hed called once with the idea to try the common playing, but in the period when Roman was busy with drums in Nailed band & so refused to play somewhere else. Spring March, 2000. Gilson "has thrown" by phone Romans number to Kiph, whos called to the future bands drummer and has offered the participation in the project. Roman has agreed but with fluctuations. He knew nothing about the project, but was outside ex-band, and after a week of phone calls has decided to arrive to be listened.
      The drummer has fit. At once the participants of the group liked his concrete style of the rehearsal process: he arrived always in time and was always with the regular set of working material.
Summer of 2000, the group does not give up the hope and persistently continues to search, nevertheless, and the second guitarist. All familiar musicians, girlfriends, sticking around music-crowd people are involved into the process. New friendly way-working contacts are set with Moscow Musical Stock exchange. On December, 17th, 2000 the package of documents with addresses and phones of guitarists professionals and non-professionals wishing for that moment of time to participate in those or other projects was bought. But, unfortunately, after the mass listening of 30 guitarists-candidates alive from the list, the search has been stopped because of the absence of the real one.
      Since February, 11th, 2000 (from 15:00 AM) SHEHINEs rehearsal Base 9 (near Kutuzovsky Moscow metro station) with the address - General Yermolov street, building 6 - starts to work. Progressive musical people (sure, with some exclusions) had crowded the rehearsal rooms. It appeared another more big possibility for SHEHINE to communicate with groups of different musical directions. Soon SHEHINEs Amtors Seine have caught from this environment the guitarist from one of puper-groups Alexey Sokov Bard. Having heard SHEHINE band live on one of rehearsals he, "having lighted up" with the immortal power flame firing from Brutalism (before he was the follower of punk + heavy + blues + bulldog + rhinoceros), has begun the reanimation work over already created parts of the 2nd guitar for the group to be able finally to start the studio recording.
      On July, 1st, 2001 the next full-scale photo session of SHEHINE has been processed. It was spent besides on Kutuzovsky prospect; the carrying out places near the Arch, the Borodino panorama museum, near the entrance into the depths of the Rehearsal base. At the same time the photo-shooting has been filmed on VHS-video-camera. This photo session and a video filming have embodied SHEHINEs 2001 line-up the true-metal clothes and with the image. That moment the bands staff consisted of 5 persons. They were: Gilson bass-player, Namor drums, Kiph vocal, Daim guitar-player, Bard a balalaika.
      The group vocalist mister Kiph (Sergey Nikiforov) organizes "Astral-inform" Limited Liability Company, the band starts working under its own legal Label. On May, 2001 there comes the possibility of the new idea realization - the creation of another rehearsal point in Moscow-city the rehearsal base on Bazovskaya street (the symbolical name called itself for the action!). This possibility has not been missed. And, almost whole year Gilson has ruled two rehearsal bases, investing own money and forces in the musical equipment and paying for the rent.
      SHEHINE band starts hyper-active steps of a good quality studio finding for the 8 compositions extreme heavy brutal program to be recorded on the professional level. The starting capital for the realization of the conceived idea has been found, and also the information on the sound engineers capable to mix the album was collected. But, as soon as advance begins, there is the one whos the brake and pulls others back. This time the ballast was Bard with guitaro-bablalaika. When he has been completely involved in the musical work, having learned more than the half of brutal compositions, he has understood, that it is heavy, laborious job and hell reach nothing just simply (without efforts). The persistence and assiduity are necessary. And this person turned out to be absolutely the other kind. Kinda, do all faster. On practice all turned out in a slipshod way. He played guitar parts with errors, constantly forgot them, and there where forgot improvised.
And soon Gilson was stunned by continuous improvisations of the masturbator Bard. By the way, as it has appeared subsequently, Alexey Sokov in parallel played in several musical groups of different styles. Though the interdiction for his participation in any other musical projects was one of the basic conditions of his acceptance in the structure of SHEHINE. Sokov told lies and hided till the last moment (and even after that) when Gilson on mere chance has caught Bard rehearsing with other staff on the joint rehearsal base number 10, where Bard had been set to rule the commercial work.
      Gradually, the selection method helped the band to define the Studio to materialize the great recording of the album. It was TEF Studio in the State Gnesinsky musical college with the address: Moscow, Bolshaya Ordynka, 27. The owner of the studio - Gennady Valentinovich Lebedev. Different extreme bands, including NECRO.KILL.DOZER, recorded in it. The Most important thing while the possibility is - to begin the recording. Not to miss the necessary moment. And all the circumstances of the human factor, financial schemes must be in the necessary way (successful). And the necessary moment has come. But only the level of Bards - the 2nd guitarist - playing (and his leftishness) were outside the common bands musical structure of the future record of SHEHINE.
      It is necessary to tell, to honour of other members of the group who tried to correct the created situation and to teach the prodigal son with balalaika, that they had been undertook the attempts somehow to limit the confusion brought by the given person in the rehearsal process.
      So the order About working hours mode has been issued on September, 30th, 2001. The days and the correct time of SHEHINE rehearsals have been defined in it. One of the declaration points was: In the case of the delay on the rehearsal the executor (the participant of the group) is punished by the fine at the rate of 1 minute = 1 ruble, or other measures under the management decision. Monetary receipts are brought in the special cash desk on acquisition of new musical equipment. For the lack of money (cash) the late person is appointed to labour works on: washing the toilet floors, cleaning of other premises, dust carrying out. At first it seemed cool for late. And basically were late Bard and, specially, for maintenance of the group budget Kiph. But then everyone, except Bard who was not comprehended, has understood at last all the gravity of the given measure. Somewhere to spring of 2002 Bard has definitively tired everybody with his motherfucking style and, according to the order, has been expelled from SHEHINE band for his professional uselessness, falsity, the unfair relation to the duties, poor-quality guitar-playing, parallel membering in several left groups, the forgery of Gilson master-video-tapes.
      In the beginning of 2002 the band has been compelled to move away from its main rehearsal base number 9 (located on General Yermolov Street, house 6) as the owner of the apartments has sold it to businessmen under other purposes. On the afternoon on February, 10th, 2002 the group has started the evacuation of own musical and household equipment; the full furniture van of the equipment was taken out. All that evacuation process was filmed on video.
Since January, 2nd, till July, 19th, 2003 the new semi-annual bands shelter has become the rehearsal base number 10 on Bazovskaya street where the group continued to rehearse while searching for new more extensive and price attractive rehearsal base.
      In summer 2002 the group structure is expressed again by the collective of 4 persons: Gilson the bass-player, Namor drums, Kiph voice, Daim guitars.
      New musical groups appeared and some old disbanded on the rehearsal base number 9 and then on the base number 10. So, Gilson could entice Anna Clawy with good playing technique and the musical education, with keyboards Casio (the simplified model) from one almost collapsed group. More expensive keyboards have urgently been bought. The gang members understood, that the keyboards player was unable to compose & learn completely all 8 songs in time by the end of 2002 (when the recording was outlined) - and there was the summer period. She did not work in such musical style and not absolutely precisely understood what parts it is necessary to compose. It was necessary to work very much even if Gilson, who, by the way, never worked with keyboard players before and partly was afraid for the subsequent SHEHINE sound on the album, was constantly on duty with her, and time dictated its conditions. Therefore the Bands Council has decided to arrange partially the compositions with the musical parts that could be listened poor without the third instrument (1st is the bass-guitar, 2nd the guitar) Clawa. Already printed in notes musical parts of the 2nd guitar were reset into keyboards parts especially for this purpose. To Gilsons delight it has turned out very well. The sound of notes was necessary, the main sound graver. By September, 2002 the task has been executed. In parallel, on the same Bands Council in the beginning of summer 2002, to honour and advantage of the guitarist Daim, responsible and significant obligations were taken by him to learn (on an extreme case to read and play by parts) the parts of the second guitar. For this purpose Daim - the family person has brought his wife with the kid to her parents on a periphery and has devoted all summer 2002 to the shock learning of the "turned" cool guitar parts. And he was nearly on the edge of serious mental problems with his head from such crazy dense. But he has sustained this extreme. And by the autumn he already played new guitar parts on the rehearsals, showing his readiness for the forthcoming recording.
      The trial recording of one song titled FleshFulcra was done on August, 7th, 2002 in TEF studio in 6 hours. The 8th staff (according to the 11 years changes in the group) taken part in this recording: Gilson bass guitar, Daim guitar, Namor drums, Ann pincers, Kiph throat.
Subsequently for the majority of this staff the musical activity in the band did not become the sense of their life.
      The mixing of FleshFulcra song has occurred on August, 23rd, 2002. By the same participants. By November, 2002 the full-length CD recording schedule of SHEHINE band has definitively been confirmed with TEF studio administration. It was planned to make the whole recording within one month.
Nobody from the band members (except Gilson) had a recording experience of a full program or at least a demo-tape consisting from more than one composition. Therefore the majority of the members has approached to the album recording with the not absolutely deliberated measure of responsibility (though everyones persistently prepared rehearsed) and understanding - what quantity of time and money will be spent. Besides, bass-player Gilson planned to finance all the basic forthcoming expenses by himself. The others just were ready to help partially.
      At last on November, 14th, 2002 SHEHINE sits down into the Studio. On the first recording day working was the evening time (the session has begun from 18:00 and lasted 5 hours, coming to the end at 23:00) the invited photographer Ivan has made photographing of the Studio, the musical equipment, has embodied the participants of the band with their individual activity on instruments tuning for some time prior to the beginning of the main action.
     Also the 1st day has gift the studio video materials that will lay down in a basis of the future 2nd video-film about SHEHINE band. As well as Gilson assumed, the recording was dragged on at first till The New Year 2003, then - on couple of months more. Though the bass guitarist and the drummer have recorded their musical tracks in 1 session (6 hours), the guitarist, who was obliged to record all parts of two guitars during 12 hours, actually needed 3 months of laborious work (naturally it is necessary to consider the free time in the Studio in which the additional sessions were given). Voice-man Kiph has recorded his parts in 1-2 takes. He did it quickly and qualitatively (its necessary to give to his due).
      By the end of 2002 the band finds the next Rehearsal Base Number 11 in Moscow on Yamskogo Polya Street and signs the lease. And starts re-planning, reconstruction and decorating works, operating both by own forces and money resources. The super-material for the soundproof of the studio room was bought as well as some new parts of the musical equipment. The new Base building works begin just during the Album sound-recording Studio sessions. Such unordinary and, truly telling, the onerously-necessary measure in the given situation has been undertaken with the defensible purpose the new appeared Base. Since August, 24th, 2003 the Rehearsal Base number 11 starts its active functioning and becomes the stronghold of SHEHINE band musical activity.
      The ended studio recording has shown that the recorded parts could be more quality and heaped up. It does not mean that all problem was in the musicians. The number of technical errors (including by the operator) and miscalculations has been admitted. More time more quality! And the record, according to Gilsons opinion, has turned out to be quite adequate to create the high-quality album, but with the use of super-new computer programs, plugins & much time to do the sound clear, modern, extra-unordinary-new. But only for high-quality and well-experienced sound-engineer whos able to master such record, boiling through the time period of 10 years & lots of staffs.
      All money allocated by Gilson have been spent. There were no money left for songs mixing and mastering. The recording process has not felt any financial support of other group members at all. Gilson was inside absurd torments of other members concerning the musical material and its mixing. Crazy offers on buying a cheap computer, some track parts rewritings and songs mixing in home (Base) conditions of all musical program were heard. Gilsons offer was: to move forward, to play gigs and simultaneously finish the album.
      Besides, Gilson evil enemies in the name of close relatives have planned to make him a bankrupt and have begun the lawsuit with him concerning the inheritance left after his fathers death.
      At the end of 2003 Kiphs left the project. To the deep Gilsons regret the band participants have not estimated the situation and have not understood the problems, as musicians. Besides, the Base number 11 New Year's flood (The local tsunami), arisen on December, 18th, 2003, has aggravated the situation on the disorder this bands staff. The band members have refused to evacuate (to carry out from the studio room) the sound equipment as the guitarist hastened home to his wife and the child, other persons (the truth, with fluctuations) have followed to his example. Gilson has remained with the broken trough once again, telling more truly in the swimming pool with hot water in 1 meter depth, and, having reminded all skills on rescue rolling, has begun to use the best efforts for saving the native musical equipment.
      Through all the 2004 the dried up and washed Musical Base has functioned as the rehearsal base for other.
And again Gilson was left as the only one member of SHEHINE band, and does not lower his hands and starts the creation (composition) of new, absolutely novel on harmonies Music. The new program was in the composing mode, absolutely new ideas have been developed, the search in finding of unusual sequences of sounds is conducted, the efforts are also directed on sound development and brutalization.
      All the new created sound material was typed into notes. And at the same time Gilson again and again accomplished the attempts on finding of a new drummer and guitarists. The new try to invite the drummer Andy happened; he comes and says that hes ready to play, though is burdened by personal and household problems and by the already known variant drops out of Gilsons sight. Gilson understands that this variant is not serious.
      When in the end of 2003 the vocalist Kiph has flied (lost the way in his brains), there was the actual question on a vocalist search. There was a guitarist Kostja in the musical crowd whos brought a voiceman Pasha and acquainted him with Gilson.
      So, from the beginning of 2004 in stuff of SHEHINE was:
Gilson the bass guitar, Kostja red guitar, Pasha voice.
      Gilson feels unreliability of these people, does not welcome their participation in a collateral local project. Also does not give into illusions.
      Seeing long, vain search for the drummer by Gilson, these creations betray the bass guitarist of SHEHINE and vanish from the project though some songs were learnt.
      Gilson sword and promised for himself not to have any musical affairs with hopeless Moscow students.
      The situation dictates to Gilson to return the drummer Namor, who was unsuccessfully pined at home in a search of a normal serious group, into the band. After the number of phone calls by Gilson to the drummer the bands rhythm section gathers again. It suits both. And as its known from oldest times where are two persons there are less brakes and the others will be gathered soon. In passing from one group the guitarist Sasha was chosen by Gilson as a possible variant of the guitar-player and invited to the listening. But this guy, having visited just three rehearsals of the group, does not justify the hope and abstains from the serious extreme - difficult brutal music (probably, being afraid, that will not pull).
      Gilson calls to Razer - the vocalist of the 1st-2nd-3rd staffs, asks and persuades him to join the project. Having got the important for him support of the friend, Gilson gradually together with the defined staff of three persons starts searching of qualified guitarists. By means of World Wide Web or simply the Internet - Razer carries out the super-musical promotion on advertising about searching of guitarists. So, on January, 7th, 2005, the highly skilled guitarist Sheck was invited into the band, he increased the group potential and gave the bigger optimism.
      Now the systematic work on the new musical program has been begun. The new openings in transpositions and fingerings on the bass guitar and the guitar necks appeared. Bass player Gilson and guitar player Sheck become the adherents in the searching of new ideas and soundings, both in Music and in the bands sound sights.
      The Work moves quickly and productively creatively for the music born by the band. After a while, in February, 2005, on SHEHINEs e-mail incomes the super-resume in audio- and video-formats from the progressivying Mr. DiaboluS playing the guitar in brutal vein in Zelenograd city (set near Moscow) and developing himself on the advanced waves of 21 centuries. The main thing that has involved the incomplete SHEHINEs staff in this message was the desire to play honestly in a brutal band, the technique of the guitarist and the belief in the future of the Heavy Metal industry. The guitarist was invited into the band; thereby SHEHINE guitarists search has productively come to the end.
      At the moment the band moves in a boundless sound space from melodies in the seventh measurement and tries to choose there and to execute in the real terrestrial world the best musical ideas to create the new unordinary musical program. The busy scheme of rehearsals and individual work of each musician exists.
      On July, 15th, 2005 the band has carried out the planned summer photo session, symbolically having met the 14th band anniversary in the full staff, immortalized in photos.
The next transformation of SHEHINE bands' staff had happened on the 4th of October 2005 - fullofunprogressiveideas drummer Namor (Roman Kulikov) has concentated on his engineering main liveness job involving the boyscout from Zelenograd - guitarist Diabolus (Alexander Korsakov) into proclaiming the new verdict meaning that Namor and Diabolus become ex-members of the band.
      On July, 25th, 2015 SHEHINE has holily celebrated the bands 24rd anniversary by creating the new version of FleshFulcra song.

to be continued

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